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We played for: Gottland - museum of K. Gott, Eon, Dressden Messe, Berliner Messe, Czech Tourism, Marienbad Spa, Luhačovice Spa, Harley Davidson Club Praha

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Karel Gott Cover Band

Karel Gott Cover Band (KGCB) is a Prague based band playing hits of Karel Gott (the most successful singer of the Czech Republic). All songs are performed in the original arrangements and keys. The wide vocal register of the lead singer Milan Fiala is said to be almost indistinguishable from the master's divine tenor - as described by many amateurs and exprets as well. All concerts have pizazz, charm and elegance.

Performances of Karel Gott Cover Band are a unique cultural experience to visitors and guests of balls, parties, banquets, corporate parties and other events.

Karel Gott Cover Band was established in 2004 and during its existence there were Milan Fibiger, Zoran Svrcek and Jiri Mizera. Currently, there are the following players: Milan Fiala, Michal Nemec, Pavel Skala, Michael Stanek and Tibor Adamsky.



Milan, 2x Michal, Pavel and Tibor

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Milan Fiala
+420 608 934 741